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Innovative Opens Its Doors To You

Some of the strategic software solutions designed by the Innovative team for its wide range of business clients: -
  • TradeMonitor - A system for Stock / Derivatives Brokerage firms to monitor client trading patterns.
  • Imports Data Capture System (IDACS) - Airline cargo
  • Hotel, tours and travel reservation and booking with multiple base and collect currencies.
  • CD based directory services with multiple cross references and search modules
  • Compliance setting and monitoring for the mutual fund industry
  • Monitoring investor complaints against listed companies/brokers, broker complaints and arbitrations system for the Investors’ Service Cell at The Stock Exchange, Mumbai
  • Agent call monitoring system for call centers
  • Employee Information and Payroll
  • Employee appraisal system
  • Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) processing for filing all eTDS returns
  • Courier operations management software (COMS)
  • Distribution network management system for product distributors (D-Net )
  • Counter sales / telephonic sales receipting systems
  • Specific to the Airline passenger industry
    • HOTauditor: Validation of Agency sales data as appearing in the fortnightly HOT against the Tour code parameters
    • ACDM: Creation of ADM / ACM for mass uploading through the BSPlink. This also has a special module for creating ADM’s related to TDS using the agency sales data appearing in the fortnightly HOT. Generates the FORM16, e-TDS returns etc
    • HOTquery: A powerful tool to extract data from the HOT file for various user defined filters
    • Service Tax audit of sales.
    • Tview software to generate a ticket image linked to refunds, if any on the basis of the HOT
    • Detailed and summarized statement of the HOT to list  cash / credit card sales, taxes, commissions, incentives, refunds, ADM, ACM to derive the net BSP payable.
    • Fquery : Query module on the lines of the HOTquery software for the flown data.
    • Fare guide for the Travel agents on getting the various fares available for seaman travel. (Developed for an airline for its agents)

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